We Will Never Forget The Man Who Got Breast Implants To Win A Bet


Back in 1996 this dude, Brian Zembic was known for doing “anything” to win a bet. According to our in house doctor, Dr. Jay Bowlin ESQ “This behavior is caused by lack of substance within the person’s character. They cannot win people over with wit or intellect and must shock people to gain their attention. Whether the attention is good or bad matters not. Having his body surgically altered to win a bet by getting implants is indicative a person who is desperate to fit in no matter the cost”.

Well it worked. Brian won the bet. Woo Hoo. Good for him. Congratulations you won a whopping 100k for getting tits. “We believe Brian wanted to use this stunt as an opportunity to further a desire to be in the public eye and break into the entertainment industry. After his initial 15 minutes of fame, it is safe to say Mr. Zembic disappeared into obscurity”.

A picture of Brians tits during his short lived 15 minutes of fame.

But what happened to him? Let’s take a look.

“I’m trying to get ahold of Kaitlyn Jenner. I want run as her V.P. in the next presidential election. I think our chances are outstanding. I mean if a complete pile of garbage can get elected, surely we can too!” – said Brian

It seems he may not be done with tomfoolery if what he says about his intentions with Jenner are true. “Likely another ploy to garner interest in his story. No one takes this man seriously. He offers no real wisdom and lives in a fantasy land”, explained Dr. Bowlin ESQ. “Ms. Jenner is not going to associate her name with this circus side show”.

Catching rays for his tittays

Sometimes only time will tell and time has told us that Mr. Zembic may suffer from multiple personalities trying to guide his life. “He almost always we be on a collision course between personalities. Let us all hope the outcome of such collisions be as innocuous as breast implants”, concluded Dr. Bowlin ESQ.

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