Could You Date The Woman With Giant Toes?


Allison is beautiful by every standard society places on a woman except for one really big detail. Her toes! She may indeed have the world’s longest toes though she refuses to get them measured by Guinness records because, “I am more than my toes and don’t want to be remembered for them”. That’s a tall task Allison.

She never wears open toe shoes because of the looks she gets. No mani pedi’s for her either. More than anything she wants to get married and settle down, but once a partner sees her feet it’s all over. “I believe men feel threatened by the length of my toes. Like if they are longer than their wieners they feel inadequate and the funny thing is I actually like small wieners”.

“I’m learning what a ‘foot job’ is.”
Allison is an exceptionally good looking woman, except her feet.

She has no problem attracting me with her large breasts and firm butt. If only there was something or someone that could help her in her quest for love. Turns out there is a HUGE foot fetish community our there and Allison has just discovered a wealth of people who love and cherish her feet and toes. The positive attention is overwhelming. “Some of the things they want to do to my toes sounds interesting to me while other things not as much like, ‘pegging with my toes’ I don’t even know what that is?”. We do and we wish we could see : )

Now that Allison has found many many suitors for her toes, she must wade through the sea of perverts and find someone who wants to get to know the real her. We wish her the best of luck!

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