Man Gets Stuck In Fiancé’s Grave Trying To Steal Engagement Ring From Her Body


Santa Barbara, CA- Fred Mulls (43) was arrested at Calvary Cemetery after the robbing of his deceased girlfriends grave went wrong. Fred was facing eviction and needed to come up with money fast. After debating his options, he chose to rob the grave of his girlfriend who passed away weeks prior. It seemed like a good plan at the time Mulls would later say. “The ground was still fresh and the digging was easy. The opening of the casket was a little tricky. But the hardest part was the smell”. If you’re thinking he’s an asshole, we agree with you.

Thinking he was alone, Fred didn’t hold back the grunts of effort while digging. I mean who was going to complain of the noise at 2am, the dead? What he didn’t know was there is a 24/7 groundsman who lives on cemetery property. Once enough dirt was removed to open the casket Fred hopped down into the grave. After opening the casket, the smell of decomposition hit him hard. Forgetting to bring a ladder or plan for a way to exit the grave was his downfall.

“If our boy needed money, he could have asked us. He’s never been the smartest fella”, Fred Mulls’ parent Gerta and Keith

By this point the groundsman had woke and went to investigate the sounds he heard. It didn’t take long for him to find the pile of dirt. Not one to want to end up in a grave early himself, he called the local police. When authorities arrived they found Mulls defeated and stuck 6ft. under ground level.

Fred was extracted from the grave and placed under arrest. When asked what he was planning to accomplish he had this to say, “I was going for the engagement ring I gave her 4 months ago. I figure what good is it doing her now? Damndest thing about the whole deal is she didn’t have it on. So at that point I pretty much knew I was fucked”. We agree with you Fred, you are fucked.

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