Elon Musk Sent His Sperm Into Space In Hopes That Other Intelligent Life Will Study And Use It


Houston, TX- Elon Musk has launched his sperm into space. Not surprised? Neither are we. The megalomaniac has been using Spacex rockets to scatter these cryotanks all over space and into unknown universes.

Apparently Musk has long held to the idea that there is life, intelligent life other than our own and who better than he to offer his sperm as a gift to whatever that life may or may not be. Musk believes that his sperm is the best representation of human excellence that we could hope to offer another species and that they would love to study it and use it however it may please them.

Who has two thumbs and gave space a facial? This Guy.

Musk hopes to one day help populate a new species or new intelligent life with his sperm. When we take an honest account of what he has done and what he hopes to accomplish, there’s not much we can do other than to shake our heads in disbelief.

“This big man child has the green light to do whatever he wants. The world and space are his playgrounds and we have cheered him on the whole way. I hope one of those tanks fall down on his hair implants and knock some sense into him”, said a former assistant who wishes to remain anonymous.

Musk likes to watch the videos of him filling the tanks.

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