700lb. Man Dies After Spiders Hatch In His Belly Button.


Peter Billings (43) of Houston, TX passed away after complications from spiders hatching in his belly button. It took doctors 3 days to find the source of what ailed Mr. Billings. Peter arrived at the hospital complaining of severe gastro intestinal pains. Not too unusual for a man of his size, Doctors were not quick to react.

Routine blood tests were done and the surprising thing was how high his white blood cell count was. The count was in the low 100k’s and no one new what trauma was occurring to cause such a dramatic spike in the white blood cell count.

“It’s a damn shame to go in such a way. The Belly button provides optimal conditions for spiders to thrive. Oops gotta go, lunch time.”

On the third day of his hospital stay he was cleared for a sponge bath. A sponge bath for a man of Billings size is no small task. Three nurses took the challenge. After about 30 minutes one nurse notice a strange liquid that was emitting from his belly button. Upon closer examination “a damn spider came crawling out!” exclaimed the nurse. Quickly doctors were called in to the room.

Spiders man. There were spiders. Some crazy shit if you ask me. Is this thing on?

Upon further examination of his belly button there was found to be quite a wound that had broken through the skin and was obviously now a great internal issue. The wound was carefully cleaned and more spiders were appearing, so much so that doctors were convinced they had been hatched in the confines of his belly button. No one knows how they found their way in there, only that it happened and because of the shear size of Billings there was no way of telling.

The prognosis was bleak. The doctors did what they could. An infection had set in, the damage was done and his health rapidly deteriorated. Within 1 week of arriving at the hospital Mr. Billings passed away. Hospital officials are not ready to respond to our questions, but have made an agreement to speak with ringsssss.com first once there is something to report.

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