Her Rotten Smelling Vagina Caused An Airplane To Make An Emergency Landing, Now She Is Suing The Airline


As most of the world now knows, Flight 1607 out of Los Angeles destined for Las Vegas was forced to make an emergency landing when a overly foul smell permeated the cabin. Authorities feared the worst and were concerned about it being a Bio-Terror event. As we would later learn, the foul smell was traced back to a female passenger with pungent smelling vagina in dire need of attention from a gynecologist.

The owner of the rotten undercarriage would turn out to be a woman named, Carla Asbury of Sherman Oaks California. Carla was to meet girlfriend’s in Vegas for a bachelorette party. We all know what happened next; The plane made an about face when the smell from her vagina became overwhelmingly concerning. What many may not know is, what happened to Carla in the aftermath. She claims that flight crew leaked her personal information to the media which has caused her undue, and extraordinary amounts criticism from the general public, as well as family and friends.

“I am now known as the woman with the ‘Rotten undercarriage’ that brought down a plane. I signed a non-disclosure agreement with the airline and assumed they would honor their half of the bargain. Well someone leaked my information to the media and it wasn’t me. I’m gonna turn this olfactory fiasco into a financial windfall for me and my tuna factory of a vagina.”, Carla said to us via telephone.

The airline has once again refused our repeated attempts for an interview. The burden of proof is now on them to prove Carla’s personal information was not leaked from them or their affiliates. Her lawyer will be filing a civil suit citing defamation of character against American Airlines by week’s end. It is surmised by our in-house attorneys that she could be in line for an 8 figure judgement in her favor.

With that much money should could afford a shower in every room!

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