The Truth Behind Infamous Hanging Munchkin Scene In The Wizard Of Oz


Over 82 years ago, The Wizard Of Oz came to the silver screen. The story of Dorothy off to find the Wizard is as ingrained into Americana as apple pie. In what is called, “The Tinwoodsman Sequence” Dorothy, The Tin Man and Scarecrow head off on the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City. In this scene you can cleary see a Munckhin hanging themselves from a tree in the background. The studilo has never released the name of this person.

In 1989, for the 50th anniversary MGM released an Anniversary Edition of the film the scene has been removed. Anytime you stream or view the film, the scene will have also been cut. The only way to see the original scene with the hanging is on you VHS tapes that were made prior to 1989.

Steps have been taken to alter the scene.

MGM has worked hard to sweep this whole debacle under the rug. With such efforts taken, copies of any VHS tapes still containing the scene are highly valueable. MGM offers $500 if you send your tape in, but if you elect to auction it off on Ebay, expect to get much more depending on the condition. If you have a sealed copy of the film, we have seen prices reach well over $5k in mint condition.

Search you attics and basements. Go over to your parents and grandparents houses and look at their VHS library. Scour thrift stores and swapmeets. You may just get lucky and find yourself a copy of this tape and be in for a nice payday.

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