Man Has Sex For The First Time, Wishes He Would Have Done It Sooner. “It’s So Fun!”


Lance Briscoe, of Seattle Washington was a 30 year old virgin until last night. “All my life, friends have been telling me to have sex with chicks. And I’m like that’s kinda gross putting your weiner inside someone. I don’t know it just seems really weird, especially when I can take care of ‘it’ by myself”.

That all changed last night. Lance was hanging out with his friend Amy. Amy has always had a boyfriend, but was now trying to get over a bad relationship. Lance has only ever wanted to be her friend. Strange right? Well Amy needed more than a friend to help her get over her ex. Amy knew Lance wasn’t interested in romantic or sexual things with her, but Amy really wanted some D last night.

Amy excused herself and went to the restroom. When she came back she was wearing a top that exposed her nipples and a skirt with no panties. With out a word she made B-line straight for Lance’s zipper. She unzipped him and put his cock in her mouth. He about choked her to death, so she suggested the penis in vagina method. At first Lance balked at this propsition because it still sounded so gross.

Then she said the magic words, “Just put the tip in to see how it feel”. “Well shit” he thought, “if this helps her get over her ex, then fine”. He put the tip in and quickly decided to go all in. After full insertion he intuitively knew to keep pumping. Savagely and deeply he thrust until completion which included gutteral screams of pleasure. He about passed out afterwards.

“This shit right here is all I ever want to do. Ever! It’s so fun!”. Too bad for him, Amy said she couldn’t handle the size of his schlong, but that she was “sure the ladies will love him long time”.

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