Marilyn Manson Now Identifies As A Woman With The Name Marilyn Manson


Brian Warner AKA “Marilyn Manson”, has gone through the sexual reassignment process provided by Johns Hopkins University. “For many years I’ve tried to be edgy. 20 years ago it was the removal of my rib that got me so much attention. Not only that, but it provided for many fun nights alone. Now I needed to shake things up again, so I decided to get rid of my wiener and become who I was always meant to be”.

“Marylin Manson is a great name because it works for me as a woman now and I won’t have to change my monogrammed towles or doilies”. We’re not sure if she will be getting breast implants, but we sure hope so!

Many industry insiders believe this is just a ploy to garner attention on Manson’s next album “Please Buy This Record”, but by the look of her new grandmotherly locks of hair, we at Daily News Reported believe this to be the real deal. There are rumors abound that Manson will be autioning off the penis sometime in the coming months.

If you are wondering like we are what she looks like under those sexy clothes, you apparently won’t have to wait long. “I plan on having my Onlyfans up and running in the next few months”, said Manson.

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