Man Arrested After Serving Donuts Spiked With Chocolate Laxatives To Police


Camarillo, CA- Cam town is a quiet little uppity area of southern California. Max is a New York transplant and his big personality sticks out in this city. Max runs the local donut store “My Nut Donuts” and is used to serving police officers.

Cops in New York can take joke and Max recently found out that cam town police can as well. A totally east coast thing to do is to introduce yourself through a tried and true prank. It’s not unusual for donut store owners to give a cop the shits by spiking their donuts. After that it’s tradition to offer free donuts to that officer from then on out.

Being new in town, Max wanted to make friends with the local police since they are a large portion of his customer base. He had two hefty chocolate filled donuts ready for Camarillos finest. He sold the donuts to the first officer he saw. Within 1hr the camarillo police department showed up in force to talk with Max.

Apparently the officer who got the donuts is still on the toilet back at the station. He claimed the only thing he had that day was a My Nuts Donut. It didn’t take long for the other officers to put 2 and 2 together. After laughing their asses off with Max they had to arrest him. “It’s nothing personal” they said to him, “we just can’t let you make our guy shit himself without arresting you”. Max understood as this is par for the course.

The officer who shall remain nameless is excited for his free donuts and is not going to press charges after all. Seems like the cam town police and Max are going to get along just fine.

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