Man Sues Netflix For $2 Million And Wins. Claims Binge Watching Led To Obesity


Terry Jones (27) of Phoenix Arizona just won a cool 2 million dollars from Netflix. Mr. Jones sued the media giant for his obesity which he claimed started when he got a Netflix streaming subscription, “Before Netflix I would go to the bathroom and get up and move around during commercials. With Netflix there were no commercials so I would just sit enthralled by whatever was on at the time. I lost all desire to get up unless it was to grab some more food”, said Terry.

Apparently he fell into such a deep trance while streaming that he had a catheter and a feces bag attached to himself to minimize the need to get up. All this and a new mini fridge kept his ass glued to the couch. “I stopped falling asleep in my bed and would just pass out on the couch. The shows wouldn’t stop. One would end and another would start. I had to watch them all. If I did finish a series a new recommended one would start up. I felt like I was on a merry-go-round and couldn’t get off”.

Terry celebrating his victory with a little bubbly

Within months Terry would no longer leave the couch. Trash piled up around him and his weight was getting out of control. In April 2020 he weighed 250lbs and by December he was at 375lbs. By the summer of 2021 he was knocking on the door of 500lbs. “Something had to be done. Then I realized this was all the fault of Netflix for my being obese and not offering a warning about possible dangerous side effects. I had used my knowledge acquired from courtroom legal shows to formulate the structure of a lawsuit and subsequently contacted a lawyer”.

The case never made it to court. Netflix eventually settled for 2 million dollars and would start implementing new fail safes to limit viewing after a period of time. Our legal expert believes the reason for the quick settlement was almost nefarious, “Netflix saw that this could be a possible class action suit and needed to nip it in the bud. 2 million is not a lot of money compared to the 850 million dollars they could of potentially lost if a class action suit indeed took place”.

Terry is now enjoying life on his new ranch in Montana. “I got me the best internet out here and it is just so damn beautiful too! A friend of mine turned me onto Hulu and I’m gonna give them a shot”. We wish you the best of luck on your new adventures in Montana Terry!

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