Man Puts Parents In Wood Chipper For Making Him Ginger


Roscoe Miller (27) of Needles California never had it easy. The only child of two librarians Ben and Barbara Miller, he was mercilessly made fun of for his red hair and vibrant red complexion. For whatever reason kids are assholes and will make fun of anyone who may look different. Most kids hate their parents at some point in their lives and for Roscoe that hate was long lasting but it would finally came to an end.

“He blamed his parents for his miserable life”, said a former classmate. His parents did the best they could. Roscoe was convinced they should have known better than to have children especially if there was a chance of that child being ginger. “He looked at his complexion and hair as a curse. All the ridicule he endured throughout his life, he blamed his parent for creating him. He was relentless in his distaste for the folks that brought him into this world”, said a former coworker of Roscoe’s.

He finally snapped one weekend while helping his parents with some yard work. He started to argue once again about how they could have possibly thought that having a red head child was a good idea. His father clapped back for the first time and said, “If you aren’t gonna change your tune, you’re going to need to leave. It’s time you stop blaming us for all your life’s faults and take some responsibility for yourself”.

“Ronald McDonald errr Roscoe Miller is one sick puppy and the streets are a safer place with him locked up”, Detective Shipley.

The was the very pretext Roscoe needed. He took the rake in his hands and cracked it over his father’s head rendering him unconscious. Next he went into the kitchen where his mother was baking a pie and proceeded to drag her to the backyard. He started up the wood-chipper and his mother became hysterical. “Roscoe what in the world do you think you’re doing? For the love of…” and with that she was interrupted by a shovel across the face.

With both parents unconscious he put them in the wood-chipper and pointed the discharge chute to the mulch pile. Once the bodies were taken care of he put leaves over the bloody mulch pile and just left. No clean up or any attempt to cover up his crimes except the leaves of the mulch.

Within days authorities were called after no one heard from Ben and Barbara. The remnants of his parents were found and after some time he himself was located. Roscoe was arrested still covered in now dried blood with pieces of his parents still visible on his person. He now faces up to 150 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

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