Over 300K Brandon’s Across America Have Lined Up To Change Their Name


Millions of Americans are saying “Let’s Go Brandon”. There are flags, t-shirts, stickers etc… What it really means is “Fuck Joe Biden”, but for whatever reason many people get a kick out of using “Let’s Go Brandon” instead. With all this new attention to the name “Brandon”, many people across the country named Brandon have applied to have their name changed.

“I read a story about a child named Brandon who was dying from cancer. He mistakingly thought people were chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ as a show of support in his fight against cancer. It wasn’t and when he found that out, he died shortly after. I don’t want to be associated in anyway with the sophomoric phrase. My name, the name ‘Brandon’ has been ruined”, said a man named Brandon.

‘If my son’s passing can help out others, then maybe his death was not just the end of a tragic story”, Dad of Brandon..

Courthouses all across America have been inundated by Brandon’s wanting to change their name, “We have had to extend our hours to meet with the growing daily demand”, said a court official. Many states and counties are waiving the fees usually associated with the process, “The name has now been ruined and it’s not the name-bearers fault. We want to support them in their name changing endeavor and waiving the fees is just the first of many ways we are prepared to right the heinous wrong”, a clerk with the Department of Human Affairs and Justice said.

Whether or not a name change will take away the pain, the scars of this debacle are sure to remain. If you or someone you know is named Brandon, please contact your local County Recorders Office at your earliest convenience.

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