Ever Wonder Why The McRib Always Comes Back But Never Stays? The Answer… Rejected Hotdog “Meat”


McDonald’s routinely and randomly brings the McRib back to the delight of millions. Like many of today’s foods and conveniences, people are not sure how they’re made nor do they seem to care. “Tastes good to me”. Well, we at Daily News Reported did a little digging and this is what we came up with.

About twice a year McDonald’s makes large “pork product” purchases from the makers of those oh so delicious hotdogs and buys up their “surplus meat”. Upon further investigation the surplus meat is meat that did not make the cut to be a hot dog. That’s right! Your delicious McRib is basically rejected hotdogs.

McDonald’s is able to use this meat like product because of the temperatures they are heated to. All bacteria is eradicated and the product safe to eat. Safe to eat, but disgusting. This “meat” is made into a paste and then squirted into molds that make uniform “rib” patties. According to an inside source, “Americans don’t give a shit what they’re putting into their bodies and McDonalds takes full advantage of this by adding flavors that make a pork goo taste great”.

This meat is collected, stored and sold to McDonald’s roughly two times a year. That accounts for the seemingly random appearances of the beloved sandwich. Because the meat is bought so cheaply, the McRib makes about 803.5% in profits per sandwich. Oil is one mans liquid gold, nacho cheese is another’s. For McDonalds, the McRib is their liquid gold

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