Florida Woman Doesn’t Understand Why She Can’t Get A Job In The Makeup Industry


Jacksonville, FL- Vicky Soline (26) has wanted to work in the cosmetic industry ever since she can remember. She grew up putting makeup on all dolls and was constantly trying to push the envelope when it came to her own makeup.

Vicky keeps a nice orange glow by spray tanning several times a day, uses a vacuum to get those pouty lips and only the finest eyebrow products on the market to get her trademark brows.

MAC makeup artist Jasmine Guzman said, “No fucking way in hell we were going to hire that crazy looking hoe!”

Vicky went to a 12 week cosmetology school 3 times to hone her skills. After her extensive education, she believed it would be no issue getting a job in the makeup industry. MAC is where she wanted to work.

Vicky got here interview with MAC, but was told they were not interested at the moment as they were looking for someone with a DIFFERENT look. Vicky lost it. For three hours she waved her hand in front of her face and said, “I can’t even right now”.

Vicky has reenrolled on cosmetology school and is still determined to work for her dream company. Keep on keeping on Vicky we here at ringsssss are rooting for you!

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