Woman Arrested After Spending 11 Hours At A Buffet While Her 9 Children Waited In The Van


Alexandra Cortez (29) of Oxnard California was arrested leaving a Golden Corral buffet. Alexandra had spent the last 11hrs in the restaurant eating at the all you can eat buffet while her 5 children waited for their mother in the family van out in the parking lot. A cook from the restaurant noticed the children in the van when he arrived for his shift and 11hrs later when he left for the day, they were still inside the van. It was then he called police.

When authorities arrived the children ages; 9,8,7,6,6,4,2,2, and 1 were all well and in good health minus the 3 youngest in soiled diapers crying. As police were running the License plate to find the name of the registered owner, one of the children cried “Mama” to which a large and robust woman responded with a wave. 3 officers were needed to handcuff and restrain the delinquent mother.

“Ms. Cortez will be punished to the absolute fullest extent of the law. She is without excuse for her actions”, Ventura County DA Gregory D. Totten.

Apparently this is an ongoing routine with Alexandra and the children. “Once a month she takes the kids to the buffet. Never in a million years did we think she left them in the car while she spends all day eating. Right now the state has the children, but rest assured my husband and I will be fighting Alexandra for custody of the kids”, Alexandra’s mother Ruthie Cortez.

As of now the children have not spoken against their mother. Many believe they are in fear of her. Alexandra tried to distance herself from the cruelty by saying, “They didn’t want to come in. The kids wanted to wait in the car while mama ate”. Her explanation seems really doubtful. Gold Corral has banned Ms. Cortez from all its eating establishments and the county of Ventura is building a case against the selfish mother that could put her away for up to 40 years in prison where she will not be getting her fill of food.

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