Woman Assaults Man With A Slice Of Pizza When She Catches Him Looking At Her Pepperoni’s


Claudia Williams (62) of Los Angeles California was enjoying a nice slice of pizza at Antonio’s Pizzeria when she spotted a man checking out her pizza pie. “I got the last of the pepperoni and I could tell he wanted my pepperoni’s in his mouth”, said Williams.

According to witness accounts there was a man who was upset he could not order pepperoni on his pizza and he did indeed notice Claudia Williams and her pizza covered in the delicious topping. What happened next no one expected. Claudia grabbed a fresh slice of pizza and walked over to the man staring at her and offered him the slice. When he reached to grab the slice, Claudia took a big bite and proceeded to slap the man across the face with the pizza slice.

“She had some amazing pepperoni’s, but I know better than to stare. That guy got what he deserved”, a witness to the assault.

“She was out of control! Whacking a man in the face with pizza, who does that?!”, one witness said. The man who was hit in the face left the pizzeria fearing what else Ms. Williams may hit him with. Because of the disturbance, some of the other patrons had called the police. When authorities arrived, several of the other customers showed them their video evidence of the altercation they had recorded on their cellphones and Claudia Williams was subsequently arrested.

The arrest came without incident. She is being charged with assault and disturbing the peace. The victim wishes to remain anonymous as he fears the internet will make fun of him for being slapped in the face with pizza.

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