Stripper Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Spraying The Audience With HIV Infected Menstrual Blood


Alixxx Skyz was doing her famous upside down splits while twerking at Lucky Diamond strip club in Temecula, California when the unexpected happened. She started her period! Like a volcano, blood started spurting out her vagina at a breakneck pace. She erupted all over the first 3 rows of patrons.

It’s not unusual for a stripper to get her period, in fact it’s a celebration for most as it means they’re not pregnant! But Alixxx could not stop it. Some offended customers called the authorities, but when they arrived they soon realized the Hazmat Biohazard Unit (HBU) was needed.

Men covered head to toe in yellow suits approached her and were able to put cuffs on her. She seemed to like the cuffs, but something was needing to be done about her spurting vagina. One quick thinking HBU member jammed up beer bottle up her cooter and stopped the bleeding so to speak.

All audience members from that night are expecting to remain in quarantine while blood tests are done on Alixxx’s menstrual blood for STD’s and other contaminants. Alixxx was bailed out by a horny dude from the club, but is looking at up to 11yrs in prison depending on the results of the blood tests.

UPDATE: Alixxx Skyz’ blood test came back HIV positive and she now faces attempted murder charges which will double her possible prison term from a maximum of 11yrs to 22yrs in jail.

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