‘Jeopardy!’ Forced Popular Champion Matt Amodio Off The Show With Actor And “Ringer” Jonathan Fisher. “He Was Too Good For His Own Good”


Burbank, CA- An inside source at Jeopardy! has given us the scoop on why Matt Amodio was booted off the popular show. According to our source, Matt was legitimately good at playing Jeorpardy!. So much so that concerns about how much money he would earn and duration of his reign as champion became in jeopardy themselves. Long before he hit $1million dollars it was obvious Matt held an IQ above genius level and that something would need to be done if they ever wanted him off the show.

“He was too good for his own good”, our source says. If a contestant is so good that the subtle tricks Jeopardy! uses to help drive a contestant off the show doesn’t work they call in the heavy guns. They hired an actor to play the role of champion slayer in the form of Johnathan Fisher. “John was called in because he follows direction”, said the source. It seems John was hired to play the role he is now portraying on television.

Genius Matt Amodio breaking the 1 million dollar mark

Actor Johnathan Fisher celebrating his “victory”

“The person who beat Matt had to be good”, so good in fact that he is already accumulating vast sums of money. “They will pull the plug on Johnathan in a week or two. But first they must make sure the memory of Matt has faded”. Johnathan is using this opportunity to create a career as a cameo man and D-list actor.

“He will not receive any money from ‘his’ winnings. He gets a check every week for his performance as an actor. That’s how his contract is laid out” our source says. Jeorpardy! is sure to receive some serious backlash as many many people drew inspiration from Matt. Not only that but the curtain has been pulled back to allow everyone to see how the show really works and we’re not to sure they is any coming back from that. “This shit would have never happened if Alex were still here”, the source concluded.

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