Woman Assaults Police Officer With An Umbilical Cord.


Houston, TX- Clarissa Lynn MacAdoo (31) is in Harris County Jail awaiting trial where she will faces charges of assault with a potentially deadly weapon (depending on whether the umbilical cord test results come back positive with any life threatening disease), assault on a peace officer, solicitation of oral sex, resisting arrest and one speeding ticket.

Officer Ron Stevens pulled Ms. MacAdoo over for going 73mph in a 55mph zone. When the officer arrived at the window Ms. MacAdoo tried using her feminine wiles to persuade Officer Stevens to let this one slide. “She tried to look attractive and come onto me by offering oral sex, there was no way that would ever happen in any type of situation with Ms. MacAdoo. When I refused her advances she withdrew an umbilical cord from underneath the passanger seat and swung it at me hitting me across the face. At which point she said, ‘there’s more where that came from!'”.

“When I extracted her from the vehicle and placed her under arrest, there were in fact two more umbilical cords under the passenger seat”, Officer Stevens states, “Where they came from? We are not sure and she in not telling”, he concludes. Whatever the case may be about the origin of the umbilical cords, you can rest assured it will all unfold when DNA test results come back.

Stayed tuned to dailynewsreported.com as more of this case unfolds.

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