California Governor And American Hero, Gavin Newsom Wants Minimum IQ Requirements For Potential Parents “We Don’t Want To End Up Like The South”


Sacramento, CA- In a surprising move, Governor Newsom is working on a bill which will require potential parents to pass an IQ test. “What we don’t need is low hanging fruit planting seed”, Newsom said in an interview with, “This isn’t so much political as it is practical and necessary for the survival of the human race. As Californians we set the tone for American and by proxy the rest of the world”.

Apparently idiots begat idiots in large supply. Studies show that more intelligent people see the need to produce when necessary, not because they can, need something to love or don’t use birth control but won’t stop doing what’s their right. The whole world will be watching to see how this unfolds as this may mark a new epoch in the annals of society as we know it.

“I know this idea will face much opposition, but it’s just because those effected by it won’t be able to understand the reason behind it”

“I won’t say people are criminally negligent when they recklessly produce offspring and then have the rest of us pay for the upbringing and care of their children, but when the cycle continues generation after generation with no aberration resulting with beneficial results for society as a whole, we have a problem”, Newsom went on to say. “We don’t want to end up like the south where stupidity is prevalent and self reflection has literally become impossible for many. The ability to exude humility like myself is genetically impossible for our southern brethren”.

No word on what the tests may entail or how they will be implemented, but there are enough points of contention to make sure this bill is stalled at every turn giving the governor plenty of time to fill in the details while the bill makes its way through the California political and judicial system.

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