Man Going Through A Divorce Begins Identifying As A Buck To Get Out Of Paying Alimony. And It Worked!!


Katy, TX- Clinton “Clint” Harrison (32), has been going through a nasty divorce with his wife Melissa. The two have no children, so one would think a divorce would be quick and easy, but that would not be the case with these two. Clint makes well over 6 figures working in the Oil and Gas industry, while his wife is more than content to spend his money shopping. Clinton worked long, hard hours and often traveled.

After 10 years of marriage the relationship had ran its course in Clint’s mind. Melissa was more interested in appearances and shopping than with maintaining a healthy relationship with her husband. Clint was getting older and still dreamed off and on again about having children before he got too much older. He knew kids were not on his wife’s agenda. She had always been steadfast in her desire not to have children.

Clint knew they had grown apart and were in two different places in their lives. A divorce would be his best option to move on and start over. Problem is that all these years Clint has been the sole bread winner and according to his lawyer he would be looking at paying an alimony in excess of $8,000 a month to Melissa if he were to move forward with a divorce.

While he did make good money and could conceivably afford the exorbitant alimony, he wanted a clean break from Melissa and to have little to no contact with her in the future if at all possible. It was on a hunting trip that Clint came up with the idea the would save him $8,000 a month. He was going to “transition” from a human to a Buck. People are self-identifying in more ways today than at any other time in history and Clint was going to take advantage of that.

Having built up close to a year in vacation time, he took that time off work to put his plan into action and began living off the grid as a glorious Buck. He started to miss divorce court hearings which caught the attention of the judge and more importantly the attention of Melissa and her attorney. It took close to 2 months for a private investigator hired by Melissa’s attorney to track him down. In that 2 months he completely transformed himself into a Buck. Wearing body paint and antlers, Clint now looked the part, he also took on the persona and mannerisms of the majestic animal.

The private investigator saw that there was a manilla envelope attached to Clinton Harrison’s back which contained a letter explaining how he now identifies as a Buck and has completely transformed his life into that of a Buck. It goes on to say that he no longer identifies with his former self, Clinton Harrison and will continue to live in the forrest. When Melissa received this news from the investigator, she completely lost her shit.

Melissa breaks down in frustration while listening to the judge’s ruling.

At the next court hearing, the judge read the letter Clint had left in the envelope and after reading it, the judge had this to say, “We life in interesting and different times. People are being seen as more that just what we are on the outside. We are complex spiritual beings capable of reworking our outsides to match our insides. It is obvious to me that the man known as Clinton Harrison has transitioned from his human form into that of a Buck. I feel I have no option but to respect his decision to live off grid as the animal he now identifies as. It is time we started accepting people for who they say they are, as they would know better than we. Our eyes tell us what someone is to us visually, but the true content of ones character is that which is the essence of their soul. And it is abundantly clear to me, that Mr. Clinton Harrison is indeed a Buck and as such cannot be held responsible for trivial human concerns such as a divorce trial. He has moved beyond the human world and it is this courts decision to grant an annulment and not a divorce. This marriage will be dissolved and all ties will be cut between the former Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Harrison. No money or property can be exchanged or rerouted to Mrs. Harrison because Clinton no longer exists. For all intents and purposes, the marriage between the two parties never happened.”, the judge said to a stunned courtroom.

Several days later, Clint’s former attorney went to the forrest and read him the judge’s ruling. An overjoyed Clint began dashing through the forrest in jubilation. He was free!

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