An Employee Ran Walmart Fight Club Has Been Shut Down After Someone Breaks Rule #1


Houston, TX- Late Wednesday night Houston police shut down an illegal “Fight Club” that was taking place at various Houston based Walmart locations. Police had been trying to track down the fighters for several weeks before finally finding them. The fight “club” would routinely change locations to stay one step ahead of authorities.

“A night stocker by the name of Clinton Burrows, is believed to be the ring leader of this club. He was placed into custody along with close to 3 dozen other individuals. While no one is pressing charges against anyone else, several local and state laws have been broken and will have to be accounted for”, Sgt. Steve Blevins of the HPD said to us.

This “Fight Club”, has been active for close to 9 months with an estimated membership of over 150 fighters. An interesting twist to this story is that all fighters are in fact Walmart employees. It is believed, Clinton Burrows would vet potential members and then ask for a transfer to another Houston based Walmart in an effort to increase membership while keeping the fighters employees only.

Police are believed to have been tipped off to the location by a disgruntled member of the “club” who broke rule #1, “You don’t talk about fight club”.

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