Caregiver Caught Sucking On The Toes Of Elderly Men In A Nursing Home In Hopes Of Being Named In Their Wills


Oklahoma City, OK- Wendy Forsythe (32), was caught by fellow co-workers with her mouth firmly wrapped around the big toe of 97 year old Frank Mason. Frank is one of 80 residents at the Sleepy Meadows retirement home out of Oklahoma City. Wendy has worked as a caregiver at this location for close to 9 months. A former prostitute, this was Wendy’s first “normal” job and it didn’t quite pay the bills the same as prostitution.

Wendy would find out that old habits tend to die hard. All these men so close to the end and no family to visit or support them. Soon Wendy started arriving at work with her breasts on full display. She quickly became the favorite caregiver among the men of Sleepy Meadows. She began reading bedtime stories to several of the residents. She wanted to get in good with as many male residents as possible and hopefully one or more would be so kind as to put her in their will.

For whatever reason Wendy got off on sucking the toes of these older gentlemen. “It’s an experience the women of my day never offered. When she wraps her lips around my toes while I lay asleep, It’s like popping a handful of Viagra. I wake with a raging boner. I mean a hard-on like I haven’t had in 50 years happens. As soon as I wake, Wendy would stop sucking my toes and point at my erection, then leave with a wink. Every-time she just leaves me wanting more”, resident Frank Mason told our reporter.

Well Frank is going to be left wanting more. Wendy was seen with Frank’s toe in her mouth and the next day she was fired. On her way out she was picked up by local Oklahoma City Police for elder abuse. When none of the men of Sleepy Meadows would press charges, Wendy was released the following morning. Frank still hopes that one day Wendy will return.

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