Man Dressed Like The Joker Destroys 1000’s Of Copies Of Morbius. Claims Jared Leto And The Movie Are “Complete Garbage”


Marvel Comics “Morbius” has received a lot of attention for being a horrible film. One fan of comic book movies took offense to the poorly scripted movie and decided to trash a warehouse that was holding copies of the movie set to be released next month. Apparently Hector is tired of big movie production companies pumping out super hero movie after super hero movie to make a buck.

Morbius was so awful he could not sit quietly any longer. Hector Valdez found out where copies of Morbius were being stored prior to distribution. In the middle of the night he stormed the warehouse and took a sledge hammer to the pallets containing the movie. He smashed 1000’s of discs within a matter of minutes. Armed security show up and placed him in custody until police arrived.

“Who the fuck does Jared Leto think he is? Just because they offer you a movie doesn’t mean you have to accept and then shite all over a genre with your terrible acting. The movie is complete garbage. Enough was enough. I had to act”, said Valdez on his way to his bail hearing.

Strangely a small collective a reddit users have raised money for Mr. Valdez’s bail. “Hector Valdez was doing the world a service by eliminating copies of that horrid movie. This is not about Marvel Vs. DC. This is about Hollywood disrespecting people with garbage movies.”, reddit user “JokerLyfe89”. Over 40 people have contributed to his bail at time of this writing.

Mr. Valdez faces up to 7 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

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