Commercial Airliner Accidentally Dumps 1000’s Of Gallons Of Waste Onto Cruise Ship


Long Beach, CA- This past Saturday morning a cruise ship departed from Long Beach on its way down to Mexico. At the same time the ship was departing an airplane was returning to Los Angeles International Airport from Tokyo. The ship and plane were both on a strange collision course with each other.

At 10:23AM PST America Spirit flight 309 dumped its onboard waste container into the pacific ocean. What the pilot was not aware of at the time was the cruise ship that was directly below. The pilot failed to check the Visual Diameter Processor (VPD) for clearance. 1000’s of gallons of waste from hundreds of passengers besieged the top decks of the cruise ship.

“People were enjoying sushi one minute and then the next they were covered in a brown milky substance. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen”– Cruise ship survivor

Atlantis Cruise Ship “Destiny” was the unlucky recipient of flight 309’s waste. The ship quickly return to the port and the ship was closed to the public pending a hazmat cleaning of all surfaces. All the ships passengers received a refund and each also received a free cruise voucher from Atlantis Cruise. America Spirit with be offering anyone onboard the ship at time of contamination, a one time 50% off discount on a round trip flight to anywhere they like.

The pilot who failed to check the VPD has been placed on leave pending further investigation. Atlantis Cruise claims to have suffered damages in excess of $300k in loss.

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