Elon Musk Buys Glock and Smith & Wesson. Plans To Have Both Companies Shut Down By Years End


The world’s richest man is making headlines in the news again. This time Musk has thrown his hat in the firearms arena. But hold on a second, it’s not what you think. That’s right, Musk has purchased both Glock and Smith & Wesson firearms, but not to bring the two companies to new heights.

Musk has plans set in motion to have both companies shut down by years end. Firearms production is expected to be halted by mid August. All purchased orders will be fulfilled according to predated contracts. From August until years end will be a complete shutdown of both companies in all facets. Customer service is expected to end at years end as well.

What does this mean for the consumer? Well unless you have already ordered a weapon you may be out of luck as remaining weapons will be sold as “first come, first served”. Companies like; Beretta and Mossberg are expecting an increase of orders by 30%.

While this is not an end to firearms as a whole, it could be the start of a disturbing new trend. Stayed tuned to dailynewsreported.com for more on this and all the news that matters most!

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