It Cost Him $4,000 But It Was The Best Prank He Ever Pulled On His Twin Brother


Laguna Beach, CA- Known for sweet surf and hot bodies, Laguna Beach is also home to twins Mike and Luke. These frat guys love to pull pranks on each other. Sometimes these pranks involve others. Mike and Luke are a pair of twin brothers that will stop at nothing to out prank the other.

Mike recently got Luke fired from his job because of a prank, so now Luke needed to get back at his brother in a big way. Mike has been dating his girlfriend Bethany for a couple years and people have been waiting for the day when the two will finally announce that they are engaged to be wed. Luke knew Bethany was eager to be married and that Mike was a little hesitant. Then an idea came to Luke, “I was gonna pretend to be Mike and ask Bethany to marry me”

Luke “borrowed” Mike’s phone and he laid the trap for Bethany. He invited her to watch the sunset at their favorite beach spot. Beth came and Luke was already waiting for her. With the sun in their eyes, Luke got down on one knee, pulled out the ring he bought for the occasion and proposed to Bethany as “Mike”.

Bethany ecstatically said YES! Mike is a firefighter, so Luke pretended he had to go on a call and told her they can celebrate later on. “Text me later”, Luke said as he left. Bethany did just that, “babe I’m so happy you asked me to marry you and you did it in the most romantic way at our favorite spot!!! I love you baaaaby and can’t wait for you to be done with work so I can show you my appreciation 😉”.

Mike was watching football when Bethany’s text came through. He immediately called her. About 30 seconds into the call he realized what had happened. “That mother fucker Luke got me good”, said Mike. He explained to Bethany what had happened and she broke up with him because, “you and your brother are just so fucking extra I can’t even handle it anymore”. Mike was cool with that because he had to plan his revenge and she would have just gotten in the way.

“Even though it cost me 4k, it was the best prank I ever pulled on my brother”, said Luke. Luke has the respect of all our staff as an epic prankster.

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