An Embarrassing Moment For A Bride When She Starts To Squirt Vaginal Fluid Uncontrollably During Wedding Ceremony


It was a grand wedding taking place at an old church in England. 100’s of friends and family were in attendance to watch Seth and Caroline become man and wife. It was a formal catholic wedding with enough pomp and circumstance to almost rival a royal wedding. Seth and Caroline are high school sweethearts and this is something she’s dreamed of for as long as she could remember.

Every detail had been accounted for. Her father Ben, walked her down the aisle. Ben liked Seth. He appreciated his work ethic and knew he would take great care of his daughter. Ben brought his daughter to the alter and then took his seat next to his wife. Caroline didn’t know this until last night, but her father was able to get the same priest to marry her and Seth as Harry and Megan had at their wedding.

To say she was nervous would be an understatement. Excited would be the best word to describe how she felt that day. Standing on the alter looking at the love of her life, the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, Caroline started getting more than excited. The couple started to say their vows. Seth surprised her by writing his own vows and that just made her fill with love.

She was getting pretty emotional by the time she was set to say “I Do”. The priest went on to say, “Caroline do you take this man to be your…” and she said yes. But not just once. Again and again. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Fuck Yes!”. Caroline was cumming on the fucking alter and couldn’t stop herself, this was the best moment of her life. She started to get a little worried that she may squirt soon, something that Seth really loved about her. She felt it coming and dread struck her with the prospect of soiling her wedding dress.

Caroline hiked up her dress just in time. Like a broken fire hydrant she started to blow. Her vaginal fluids were getting everywhere. Then it happened. The “Coup de grâce”. Her uncontrollable squirting sprayed the priest in his eye. IN HIS EYE! At this point the wedding was in uproar. By the time Caroline stopped cumming and squirting it was chaos. She was distraught as the priest halted the ceremony right before Ben was able to say his “I do’s”.

Caroline was somehow able to talk the priest into finishing the wedding. The spectators did their best to keep their mouths shut and let the ceremony proceed so they could get out of there and change their clothes. The nuptuals concluded without another hiccup. When the newlyweds made their first appearance of the reception, their friends and family all took out umbrellas and opened them. This show of levity brought everyone to laughter including Caroline. This will truly be a day she will never forget.

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