Her Size QQQ Left Breast Burst Open During The Night And She Dies Drowning In Silicone


Heather Richmond of Van Nuys California, passed away today at the age of 40. Some time during the night her left breast burst open and she subsequently drowned in the silicone. She was getting a good nights rest before her big appearance on Dr. Phil the next day. Heather had no tits growing up and by the time she was an adult she had saved enough money to buy a decent pair. Her first implants were a nice C cup, but the male attention was so appealing she went bigger.

And by “bigger” we mean massive! From a C cup to DDD. With the 3D’s heather stole the attention of men where ever she went. Boyfriends were routinely getting slapped by their girlfriends for checking out her massive bolt-ons. But she didn’t stop there. From DDD she went to an incredible triple H. No we do not mean the wrestler, but HHH size breasts. These things literally kept her afloat in the ocean.

“My nipples are the size of large pizzas”

The HHH were excessive, but she wanted more. She wanted the biggest tits anyone had ever laid their eyes on. Out came the triple Q’s. Heather was the only woman in the world with enhanced QQQ’s. At this point she looked so damn ridiculous she was resorted to being a side show attraction. The interview with Dr. Phil was supposed to be a turning point in her life. She was going to discuss her plans to remove her tits.

Heather is survived by her right QQQ tit and all the other previous implants and of course her toy poodle Ralph.

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