Conjoined Twins Fight In Court Over The Rights To Their Anus When One Brother Announces He’s Gay


Mike and Ike Reeves are in a heated legal battle over the rights of their butthole. Ike revealed he is homosexual and plans on having an active sex life. Mike is not down for the clown when it comes to dicks in his butt. There is no legal precedence for two people fighting over one butthole and it’s sure to make its way all the way to the supreme court.

Mike and Ike have gotten along splendidly all these years despite being attached to one another. They have more in common than not by a wide margin which has made things easy for the two. They enjoy the same foods and entertainment. Ike revealed a lifelong secret to Mike not long ago and told him he was gay and plans to have an enormous amount of sex to make up for lost time.

Ike (right) checking out dicks while Mike (left) looks on

Mike literally lost his shit. Yes that’s right, he shit himself. Mike would not stand for his butthole to have dicks in it. Ike reminded him that it was his butthole as well and that he wanted many dicks of all varieties up their ass. Now both brothers are in a heated legal battle over who has control over their butthole when it comes to wanting dicks in it. Ike has a good legal footing but so does Mike.

They currently have pending restraining orders that require them to only shit until the case has been through the court system. The brothers agree to take turns wiping.

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