Texas To Give Married Couples A Gun For Each Newborn Child


Houston, TX- In what is not a surprising move, Texas will now be bestowing firearms to married couples who have a newborn child. “This is a way we can protect the good citizens of Texas by offering good married families guns”, a law maker said. Most see this as a way for Texas to manipulate its residents. “Abortion is a hot topic in Texas and this is just another way of driving a wedge between the pro-choice and pro-life folks. Rewarding people with a gun for getting married and having a child?! Criminalizing pro-choice people in other peoples eyes. ‘You don’t get a gun, you had an abortion’, is about to be a real conversation”, professor Albert Twain.

Arming the right while weakening the left is what’s really at this new laws core. Texas lawmakers are looking to reward people who believe the way they do. Progressive and forward thinking is frowned upon. Professor Twain went on to say, “It will be just a matter of time before these guns will be used in crimes. You are arming one group while oppressing another. This is how some of the most horrific periods in the history of earth have began”.

Laws like this one and others has started an exodus from Texas. “People with intelligence, forethought, compassion and humility are leaving in droves. Many believe if the cream of the crop leave the state, the economic infrastructure will collapse within a year and many Texans will see the error of their ways”, Professor Albert Twain concluded.

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