Starbucks Barista Gets Arrested After Dumping Coffee On A Complaining Karen’s Head


Ventura, CA- In a world filled with complainers one barista took a stand. Lauren Geno (27) had just started working at Starbucks the week prior to the incident. Within the first few hours of her first shift, the audacious privilege of the generic “Karen” woman was starting to wear thin on Lauren.

She could barely get through making a drink without hearing some sort of comments from the peanut gallery of Karen’s. “Tomorrow will be better”, was the mantra she used to get by those first few days of work. By the fateful day, Lauren knew this was not going to get better. She could either act or become another barista relegated to having insults thrown at her endlessly while struggling to cope with the undeniable fact she was wasting her life.

To this day, Lauren’s former co-workers still get a laugh discussing the incident.

Karen ordered 3 Frappuccino’s. One for her and one for each of her two daughters, Lulu and Lemon. Lauren was on her third remake of the Frappuccino’s when she finally lost her shit. “Listen here you stupid bitch, you may get to run your mouth to these other barista’s with impunity, but I’m not putting up with your shit anymore. No you can’t speak to my manager. I quit. Now I’m my own manager. Is there something You wanted to say?”.

Karen again asked to speak to the manager. Floored, Lauren got all three of the mother fucking Frappuccino’s and dumped them on Karen’s head. “It was like watching a someone winning the lottery”, an onlooker’s response to what Lauren’s level of joy seemed to be after dumping the Frappuccino’s.

The actual Starbucks manager called the cops on Lauren and she was hauled off to jail. She went without a fight. Her smile of satisfaction stayed with her up and through her mugshot photo. Lauren Geno, we here at salute your efforts!

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