His Wife Said, “We Can Do Everything, But Sex”. He Clearly Misunderstood What She Meant And Ended Up With Two Black Eyes.


Don’t let Steve’s black eye fool you, he and his wife Margot Robson are crazy in love with each other. Steve is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but Margot has always liked a loyal guy over a smart one. On Saturday nights they like to “Netflix and Chill” with each other. Sometimes they role play and pretend they are on their first date together with fake names and all.

On this particular Saturday night, Margot tried to preface their night with a stipulation, “Steve, let’s do everything but sex. Ok?”. Steve emphatically agreed as he loves ButtSex. Margot was on her period and didn’t feel like having to clean the couch again. Halfway through an episode of “Friends” they started making out. Steve got a raging boner and remembered what his wife said, “Let’s do everything Buttsex”. Steve spat on his hand and started to go pound town in his wife’s big brown. Damn he loves some Buttsex.

Margot squeezed her butthole closed. Irritated that once again Steve took the literal translation of what she said instead of thinking it through and just settling for a damn blowjob. She turned around and clocked him in the face, blackening his eye in the process. “Steve, you know I like a good ass blasting, but I told you everything ‘But Sex’.

After a few minutes Steve understood his folly and asked for a blowjob instead. It was then Margot kicked him in the balls and fell asleep clutching her Hitatchi. Maybe loyal, stupid guys aren’t for her after all.

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