Woman Runs Through 94 Red Light Cameras In Boyfriend’s Car After She Catches Him Cheating With Prostitutes. He Now Owes Over $36k In Fines


Ventura, CA- Kennedy Warren (33), is not your typical vengeful girlfriend. She’s not going to key your car as Frank Bilder found out. Kennedy had just caught her boyfriend cheating the weekend before. She walked in on Frank with 2 prostitutes. After a few days of thinking how to get back at him, the “running red lights” idea popped into her head.

One time in traffic school, she remembered hearing how it would be up to the owner of the car to pay for any red light tickets in which the car was caught on camera. The instructor was very clear about this. She still had a key to his car and waited until late at night while he was sleeping to do the deed.

“We are aware of the possibility that Frank was not behind the wheel, but evidence in this particular case is not clear enough to conclusively identify the driver. Thus Frank, by default is guilty”, Ventura District Attorney.

She hopped into his Honda civic and ran through 94 red lights at the Victoria and Telephone intersection where the state of the art cameras captured his license plate after each light ran.

Once those images reached the Ventura Police Department, a warrant for Frank’s arrest was issued. He could not prove it was not him driving. She had lowered the visor and with her kn-95 mask it was impossible to verify who was driving.

Kennedy is in jail on unrelated charges stemming from a shoplifting incident. She still had the glow of joy on her face from running all those red lights when her mugshot was taken after the theft arrest. Frank was unavailable for comment. Fines in excess of $36,000 have been levied against Mr. Bilder.

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