Man Caught Trying To Steal A Dog From An Animal Shelter To Help Him Fight Crime


Bakersfield, CA- Former meth addict, turned vigilante crime fighter, Larry Handover (29), was arrested while attempting to break in to a local animal shelter. Larry said he was, “Looking for a partner to help him fight crime.”. He was witnessed by several individuals trying to gain access to the shelter from a badly damaged back door. One of them called authorities.

Bakersfield police are familiar with Handover, and have arrested him many times over the years for crimes ranging from petty theft to distribution and manufacture of methamphetamines. He is being taken to a local psychiatric institution where he will be evaluated for 72hrs. before charges can be brought against him.

“While his tox screen came back clean for any drugs or alcohol, we are hedging our bets by having medical professionals check on his state of mind. It is very likely that years of abusing methamphetamines has done permanent damage to his psyche”, Sgt. Brad Turner of Bakersfield P.D.

Because of his prior history, Larry face could face up to 10 years in prison if found competent and convicted on all charges. If he is found not competent to stand trail, which is seeming more and more likely as information is gathered, he will spend an indefinite amount time, not to exceed 5 years in a state hospital for the criminally insane.

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