Guys Who Make Videos From The Drivers Seats Of Trucks Have A 100% Chance Of Being Unemployed And Living With Their Parents


Houston, TX- In what could be called a national staple, Guys who rant in their trucks are taking over the nation. People view them millions of time across all social media platforms. They strike a cord with Americans of all ages. “Blue collar heroes” is a term most often used to describe these ranting poets.

The fact of the matter is these dudes are using a glitch in modern day media, where any idiot with a phone can become a “personality”. Insert Kardashian reference here. Untethered, these dudes just start going off on tangents that make no actual factual sense. Which is fine if you understand the entertainment value of these nitwits.

Truck guy telling us how it REALLY is.

Of the 100 truck ranters polled, 100% of them were unemployed and living with their parents. Most of the men were given trucks early on as a rite of passage. That and the polarized glasses they wear are mainstays of these guy. So even though mommy and daddy pay for their gas and insurance, their celebrity is all their own.

Often offensive and incomprehensible, the rants seem to be of paramount importance to the ranter. Any criticism is just more fuel for their fiery verbal assaults on logic and grammar. Needless to say this is the kind of shit people eat up for good or bad. So remember next time you see someone yelling alone in their truck with veins bulging out their foreheads, to just calmly walk by lest this veritable Shakespeare put you six feet under with a lyrical tirade.

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