Man Sends Cheating Wife’s Nude Pictures To Her Church Friends. He Now Faces Jail Time And Doesn’t Care


New York, NY- Arthur Manner (57) is just your average New York bank manager. It sounds more exciting than it is, he manages a chase branch. Nothing fancy. Good guy and liked by all. He and his wife Jenny have been married 35yrs. Two adult children and a dog complete the happy little family. That is until he caught his wife cheating on him.

One of the most dependable guys around, Arthur rarely if ever missed work. So when he called out sick, his co-workers knew he must really be down for the count. And he was sick. He had some nasty food poisoning. His wife, Jenny did not know he was home as Arthur would later find that out when he caught the pool boy balls deep in his old lady.

“He didn’t include any from after I had my b-hole bleached. What an ass!”, Jenny Manner

The food poisoning was so great that he had to take care of himself and get better before he could even think about confronting her or gaining revenge. Be cautious of a patient man looking for revenge. Two weeks later and fully recovered, Arthur grabbed his wife’s list of her church sewing circle friends and composed an email to all of them from his wife’s email address.

Arthur attached the largest file full Jenny’s nudes he could fit. Anal gaping, bondage, bukakke etc… And on a Saturday night with less than 12hrs to go until church, he pressed the send button. No one and we mean no one, spoke with Jenny at church. People laughed and snickered behind her back. Befuddled she asked Arthur what he thought the issue could be. He relayed the message that he saw the pool boy balls deep in her and showed her the email he sent. Jenny jumped from the vehicle and called 911.

Arthur was served divorce papers and faces up to 14 months in county jail, for which he thinks is a fair trade off. “I never knew just how shitty my life was until she was gone and it just kept getting better”, said Arthur.

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