Dozen Pass Out As Grandma Goes Streaking During Family Reunion. “You’re All Here Because I Slept With Grandpa”


Lucinda Allaby (85) of Key Largo Florida is not your average 85yr old granny. She outpaces most of her children with her stamina and liveliness. This past weekend there was a family reunion the took place at her home. Close to 100 people showed up for the event that takes place every 5 years.

Lots of folks have never met each other when they get the reunion, so there’s always a level of discomfort. To break the tension and to keep moods light, Lucinda always likes to get the party started. Whether it’s cornhole, horseshoe tournament, dancing… You name it and she will do it.

This years reunion was feeling a little tense and to make things light Lucinda really had to pull out all the stops. She was going to take one for the team by embarrassing herself to get everyone to loosen up. Going deep into her bag of tricks, Lucinda went to her bedroom and took off every stitch of clothing she was wearing.

Like a supernova, Lucinda emerged completely nude. Boobs below her belly button and all. And boom she was off running around all her relatives, even smacking a couple in the head with an errant titty. “You’re all here because I slept with grandpa” was the phrase she kept repeating.

And it worked. Everyone forgot about their insecurities and began to laugh. Hearty laughs were had by all. All those except the dozens of people who passed out either from a titty to the head or the pure shock of it all. To say that the rest of the weekend was a success would be an understatement.

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