Do You Know This Missing Man? Last Seen With 50 Bacon McDoubles


Butte, MT- Larry Full Nelson (24) was last see walking out of a McDonalds carrying 50 Bacon McDoubles. After that he has not been seen or heard from for the last two weeks. Larry is 6′ 11″ and weighs in at 525lbs. He is not a small man, which makes his disappearance all the more confusing. There’s no way someone took him against his will even if he was subdued. He could not fit in any standard passenger vehicle and use to use a skip loader to get around.

Larry is beloved by all in Butte. His Uncle Shep Arnold who is in prison for making jerky out of human meat, is beside himself with grief. “Man what a beautiful side of beef. What a tender juicy…. Nice kid. Hope you find him soon for his mother’s sake”, apparently Shep still has a taste for that homemade jerky.

If you have any information regarding this man please please contact the Butte McDonald’s because he forgot to pay for those 50 burgers.

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