Horse Thief, Brent “Mullet” Swarz Released After New Evidence Exonerates Him


Lick Creek, MT- Brent “Mullet” Swarz (28), had been put in the slammer for stealing horses from Muffdive Ranch. At least 7,135 had gone missing from Muffdive Ranch. And on only 13 occasions was Mullet actually seen in or around the area.

There was a lot of dislike for Mullet in the town of Lick Creek. He had dated the hottest girl in high school. She had more teeth than all the others combined. It was a match made in wood shop. Everyone was envious of Mullet. And that envy was still alive 10yrs after the final bell rang in high school.

234 out of the 7,135 times horses went missing, a stable helper had been bit. No one ever knew why and authorities just blamed in on the horses. That is until Mullet became a suspect and all the cops who had been his high school classmates remembered their envy and threw Mullet in the pokey.

Everyone seemed please except Mullet. The poor guys couldn’t ride a horse to save his life and on top of that he didn’t even have teeth to bite someone with. Once the district attorney looked at the case, it was immediately dismissed as they needed to find out who had done the biting. You see if they don’t find that guy there is too much reasonable doubt in Mullets favor. Why? Because Mullet has no teeth. NO TEETH!

So old gumby and his high school sweatheart embraced and rubbed gums together when he was released from the pokey.

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