Russian Man Has Been Drinking His Semen For Over 75 Years To Combat The Signs Of Aging.


Vladimir Pechenko (95) is just your average guy, except for one major difference. Pechenko drinks his own semen to help combat the signs of aging.

When asked how this all began, Pechenko had this to say, “I got to thinking how my cum must be full of vitamins and minerals. Women go crazy for the stuff in the movies I watch. I just had to try it”. And that’s exactly what he did about 75 years ago and has been drinking his semen ever since.

Doctors have told Vlad that they are not sure of the long term consequences of ingesting his own semen. But they also admit it probably wouldn’t cause any harm as people have been devouring other people’s ejaculate for years. “It’s more a question of morality”, said one doctor.

Dr. Boris Durshivic says, “Vlad is special guy. I won’t shake his hand, but he’s special guy”.

Vlad says that the only downfall is the production of his favorite drink. “I have to constantly beat my meat”. That can take a toll on one’s body, but rest assured Vlad uses the latest equipment that money can buy to extract his sperm. “I feel great after every serving I swallow. I have improved the quality of my life”, says Pechenko.

We are cheering you on Vlad and wish you the best of luck in whatever you do. Just don’t get hungry for something more solid is all we ask 😂

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