Irate Customer Plows Into A California Based Walmart To Destroy The Self-Checkout Machines


Oxnard, CA- This past Saturday Kathy Gallagher (63) drove her car into a Walmart Supercenter narrowly missing innocent pedestrians and shoppers alike. Police tell us that Kathy had a most unpleasant experience at the self-checkout machine and after close to 20 minutes of trying to scan her own groceries and failing, she stormed out of the store having purchased nothing.

Less than 5 minutes after leaving the store, Kathy Gallagher barreled into the grocery entrance’s sliding doors with her vehicle sending sending shattered glass all about. She lost control of her car and instead of hitting the self-checkout machines, which were being used by many customers at the time, she veered to the right, crashed and came to a stop in the produce department.

Knocked unconscious in the crash, Kathy woke up to police handcuffing her while paramedics checked to make sure she was okay. Frustrations about self-checkout machines at Walmart are all over social media and the news, with many people taking punches at the retail giant. “Many people complain about the lack of cashiers at our store, and while it may seem like there is some truth in that, the self-checkout machines are here to help aid in the customers pursuit of a hassle-free transaction. It is unfortunate that Ms. Gallagher had a less than pleasant experience and decided that she needed to put all our lives at risk”, said store manager Henry Suarez.

Kathy Gallagher will most likely spend a good portion of her life in prison after driving her vehicle into Walmart. She is currently being held without bail at the Ventura County Jail.

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