Teacher Who Was Fired For Refusing To Acknowledge An 8 Year Old Student As Transgender, Has Been Arrested After Making Terroristic Threats Online


Shelia Pettimore (53) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has been arrested after taking to social media and unleashing a tirade against the school district that fired her for refusing to call a child by their “new” transgender name, as well as making threats to the parents of the student. Because the child is a minor, no information has been brought forward about their identity.

The police say that what Mrs. Pettimore said on social media escalated to the level of terroristic threats and that she will “account for those words in court”. Mrs. Pettimore made personal attacks on the child and their parents. She concluded that this child had no future and that the parents should be locked up for child abuse. “We understand that Mrs. Pettimore has different beliefs than that of child and parents. That’s not why we’re here today. We are here because of threats made against the family that are categorically inappropriate and Mrs. Pettimore must account for her actions”, said an Oklahoma City Police liaison.

Due to all the negative attention happening locally involving their child, the parents have decided to make a fresh start someplace where they do not feel their basic civil liberties are being threatened. “We just want our child to flourish and be who they are. That may make some people uneasy, but other people are not our concern, only our child is.”.

Mrs. Pettimore is facing up to 18 months in county jail if convicted on all charges.

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