Convinced His Boyfriend Was Seeing Someone On The Side, Man Places GPS Tracker Up His Lovers Anus To Catch Him In The Act


Houston, TX- Manowar Zhiang (25), was placed under arrested after an Apple AirTag fell out of his boyfriends butt in the gym locker room. The AirTag was eventually traced back to his Apple ID. In his defense, Manowar claims that his boyfriend, Reginald, would never make eye contact during sex. He also suspected that he was seeing someone on the side. Trivial excuses, but relationships can get toxic rather quick in today’s day in age.

This is the first known case where an Apple tracking device was inserted into another human being without their consent and with the sole purpose of spying and espionage. The Harris County Sheriff’s department has called in the F.B.I. to help with the legalities of the case, as this is uncharted territory for local law enforcement officers.

Manowar hoped to catch Reginald in the act of something nefarious, but in the end his suspicions and jealousy cost him his freedom. Reginald denies any adultery accusations and is planning on moving on with his life sans Manowar.

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