Comatose Man Propped Up For Mugshot After Felony Quantity Of Heroin Was Found In His Stomach


Phoenix, AZ- Carter Anderson (33), arrived unconscious via ambulance to Central Phoenix hospital in the early hours of August 20th. A possible overdose candidate, Anderson was placed into the critical care unit while doctors ran tests. Shortly after arriving, he slipped into a coma and became unresponsive to outside stimuli.

X-rays revealed a large mass in his lower abdomen. A nurse, who was a former Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy, recognized the man from prior drug arrests. He suggested to doctors that the patient may have been transporting drugs across the US/Mexico border as mule for the cartel.

Emergency surgery removed close to 2 kilograms of heroin packaged crudely inside of an H.E.B grocery bag. Apparently the bag had a small puncture which rendered Carter Anderson unconscious and eventually comatose.

After he was stitched up, a nurse and a police officer held him upright for his now infamous mugshot. Anderson is looking at 15-20 years in prison if he ever wakes from his coma and stands trial.

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