Attempting To Save Money On Fuel Costs, Man Blows Up His House Trying To Convert Meth Into Gasoline


Bakersfield, CA- The rising cost gasoline has hit everyone hard. Some are joining carpools to save a buck. Others will ride their bicycles when they can. One man decided to try and turn his meth lab into a gas station by converting his methamphetamines into gasoline. Tyler Grimes is a novice meth cook with no knowledge of chemistry except for recipe’s he found on online message boards. He got the idea to turn his meth into gas while on a 7 day drug binge.

Sometime during the night while Tyler was trying to deconstruct his meth into liquid form, an accident happened. Tyler did not account for proper ventilation and noxious fumes built up. Bakersfield can be cold in the winter and that night was especially chilly. The furnace clicked on and house “lit up light fireworks”, according to one neighbor. The fire department was called to the scene almost immediately.

“It’s a sad day in America when gas is more expensive than meth. We will use Mr. Grimes as an example to others thinking of converting meth into gas. He will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”, Bakersfield Police Chief Darryl Marberry

Tyler was rescued by first responders and sent to the hospital for evaluation where he was subsequently arrested for “Terroristic Actions leading to an explosion“, “creation and distribution of meth and unlawful use of a domicile for the creation on gasoline“. If convicted on all charges, Tyler Grimes may be sent to prison for up 85 years.

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