Lester Manson Claims His Cousin Charlie Manson Was Funded By The Kennedy’s


Lester Manson (78), is locked up in a secure federal facility at an unknown location for his protection. Recently Lester broke his silence on his infamous cousin, Charles Manson. “What people don’t know is how Charlie funded the ‘family’. Once a month funds would be deposited in a bank account for him to draw on. I once overheard him saying that, ‘good old Teddy Kennedy never missed a deposit’. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I was doing a lot of drugs back then”, said Lester.

“I once asked Charlie what he meant by that Kennedy comment and he flipped me a coin. That coin turned out to be a Kennedy half dollar and with a wink he said, ‘Ours isn’t the only family dedicated to the cause’. The way he said it, I knew that I could not ask about it again. Like it was a silent understanding that we had financial backers and not to worry who they were”.

The FBI is reportedly looking into Lester Manson’s claims about the Kennedy’s.

“I’m breaking my silence now because; 1. Charlie is dead and I’m no longer living in fear of his retribution and 2. Families like the Kennedy’s still pull strings all over this world and we just allow it. It’s time we speak up and tell the truth no matter the cost”, said Lester.

“I was a part of the problem all those years ago. Today I want to be part of the solution”, Lester concluded.

We have reached out to the Kennedy’s for comment but as of yet we have had no response.

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