Doctor Charges $1000 For A Single Tylenol. Says, “It’s Been Tough To Make Ends Meet After The Fentanyl Crackdown”


Butte, MT- Clive Mason (72), has been a doctor out of Butte Montana for the past 45 years. Most everyone in town knows him or has been treated by him, that’s why it came as a shock to so many when it was discovered he was charging people upwards of $1000 for a single tylenol. Now Clive didn’t outright charge these people $1000 a pill directly. No, he would only bill the exorbitant amount to those patients who were covered by private insurance.

All in told, close to 2.7 Million dollars of false insurance charges were filed by Dr. Mason. Becuase of his age, it is quite likely he will never see the light of day again. Asked why he did it, he had this to say, “I had a good thing going from about 2001-2014. I was clearing 7 figures a year selling fentanyl scripts to junkies. Then the goddamn government stepped in and you couldn’t get away with it anymore. They wanna act like we’re drug dealers. Well no shit. So anyway I had to make do with what I had and a good old insurance scam seemed the best way to go. Guess I was wrong.”

Crimes involving physicians are on the rise in Butte MT as well as most other U.S. cities. Police are asking everyone to be extra vigilant when going over their medical records and to report anything suspicious to the local law enforcement officials.

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