College Professor Arrested After Giving Live Striptease Shows On Zoom For High Test Scores


Phoenix, AZ- Rebecca Miller (26), is the kind of teacher that goes above and beyond to reach her students and help them to achieve their goals. Miller knew this year would be tough, what with all classes be held on Zoom, she was going to have a hard time keeping students attention.

As a way to encourage studying she would reward the students with the highest test scores to a private Zoom session. During these sessions, which would last anywhere from 5-15 minutes, Miller would perform a striptease.

Needless to say, the scores in her class were “zooming” past those of her colleagues. Faculty couldn’t understand what it was that she was doing that they were not. One day another teacher signed on for herself and couldn’t believe her eyes. “She was showing her fun-bags to the students! And promised more if their grades were good!”, their name withheld to protect the innocent.

Miller was arrested the night before test scores were to come in. Lots of students were pissed off, but realized it was too good to be true. One unnamed student said, “Ms. Miller was the best teacher I ever had. I really enjoyed extra credit. She taught me so much!”

Miller will probably spend a minimum of 5 years in prison unless she can convince the Jurors otherwise…

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